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Precious to Me Lyrics – Phil Seymour

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Precious to Me lyrics

Baby baby don’t you leave me here to make it alone
Cos i don’t think that i could take it for a day on my own
Why would you wanna hurt me
When i love you baby can’t you see


That your precious to me
(i love you so)
And i can’t let you go
(can’t let you go)
Baby one day you will see
(girl can’t you see)
That you’ll always be
(you’ll always be)
So precious to me

Why would you wanna hurt me when i love you baby can’t you see


Baby baby you can tell me when will we meet again?
If I can’t be your one and only then I’ll have to pretend
That you’re still on with me
Girl I love you so affectionately

Chorus X 2

You’re so precious to me
To me

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Phil Seymour – Precious To Me.mp3

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