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The Curly Shuffle – Jump ‘N the Saddle Band

There are lots of novelty one-hit wonders. Songs like “Pac-Man Fever” by Buckner and Garcia, “Disco Duck” by Rick Dees and non-one-hit wonder “The Streak” by Ray Stevens and “Hocus Pocus” by Focus are just a few examples.

You can add “The Curly Shuffle” by Jump ‘N the Saddle Band to that list. It’s a tribute to the Three Stooges. It’s also a tribute to songwriters who are savvy enough to borrow a little interest from a beloved topic like Pac-Man, Disco or The Three Stooges to write a song about it. The results? Big Top 40 Billboard hits, of course.

“The Curly Shuffle” was released in 1984 and quickly shot up to #15 on the Billboard Hot 100. It features most of the Stooges’ trademark sound effects and phrases and with its faux big-band swing sounds, is the furthest thing from a lasting, compelling pop song.
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No, it’s not a great song. But it is a fun little slice of nostalgia.

Sadly, Jump ‘N the Saddle Band were unable to capitalize on their “Curly Shuffle” success with a follow-up hit. In my opinion, they should have gone all-in with the novelty song concept and released a record that featured the following hits:

  • The Marx Brothers Samba
  • The Laurel and Hardy Rumba
  • The Abbott and Costello Bossa Nova
  • The Cheech and Chong Cabaret
  • The Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor Polka

Imagine the outright awesomeness that would be unleashed with such a record.

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The Curly Shuffle - Single - Jump 'N the Saddle Band

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I'm an obsessive music collector, cataloger, commenter and trivia nut. Sometimes I'm even a listener. One-hit wonders have always been a guilty pleasure.

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2 Responses to "The Curly Shuffle – Jump ‘N the Saddle Band"

  1. Matt Thurston says:

    I like your ideas for a Jump ‘N the Saddle concept album. I’d add the Martin & Lewis Mambo and the Hope & Crosby Charleston.

  2. Michael Waterman says:

    Brilliant suggestions. I’ll add them to this late-night mix tape.

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