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Stay the Night – Benjamin Orr

The Lace by Benjamin Orr features Stay the Night, a 1980s one-hit wonderThe Cars are back. Yes, the original version of The Cars, one of the seminal New Wave bands, is releasing their first record since 1987’s Door to Door.

That’s good news for fans of the band since the record, Move Like This, essentially sounds like their late 1970s or early 1980s classics like The Cars and Candy-O.

The sad news is that it’s the original Cars lineup, minus one key member: bass player Benjamin Orr who died of pancreatic cancer in 2000, long before there was any possibility of a Cars reunion.

If you know The Cars, you know that Ric Ocasek was the genius songwriter behind the band. He also sang lead vocals on nearly every cars hit, with three key exceptions: “Just What I Needed” from The Cars, “Let’s Go” from Candy-O and “Drive” from Heartbeat City. That’s Benjamin Orr behind the microphone on three of The Cars’ biggest hits. In fact, “Drive” is the band’s highest-charting American song and biggest international hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard Top 40 back in 1984.

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When The Cars broke up in 1988, Ocasek and Orr went their separate ways and both scored solo hits, which also turned both men into one-hit wonders.

Ric Ocasek’s “Emotion in Motion” was the first hit, when it reached #15 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1986. The Cars were technically still a band, but in name only.

One year later, “Stay the Night” by Benjamin Orr reached #24 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1987 making Benjamin Orr a one-hit wonder.

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One band (The Cars), two one-hit wonders. Impressive stuff, fellas. Best of luck on the new tour, which starts May 10, 2011, the same day Move Like This is released.

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3 Responses to "Stay the Night – Benjamin Orr"

  1. […] Stay the Night – Benjamin Orr | – Top One-Hit Wonders Stay the Night by Benjamin Orr reached #24 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1987 making Benjamin Orr a one-hit wonder […]

  2. CarsFan says:

    Ric wasn’t a one hit wonder as a solo artist. He had success with Jimmy Jimmy and Something to Grab For from his first solo album.

  3. Michael Waterman says:


    Thanks for commenting. Ric Ocasek only placed a single song in the Billboard Top 40. That’s “Emotion in Emotion.”

    “Something to Grab For” reached #47 on the Billboard Top 100, so close, but no cigar. “Jimmy Jimmy,” “Something to Grab For,” “True to You” and “Rockaway” all charted in the Top 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks listing so he clearly had a lot of success, particularly on rock radio stations. But I use the Billboard Top 40 as the criteria for considering an artist a one-hit wonder. See my definitions on “What’s a One-Hit Wonder.”

    Ocasek is a great songwriter and The Cars were one of my go-to bands years ago. I still enjoy the first three records quite a bit but lost interest as time moved forward (although the latest Cars album does sound like a return to classic form).

    I hope you’ll continue to read and comment. Best,

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