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She Will Have Her Way – Neil Finn

neil_finn_try_whistling_thisNeil Finn is one of the greatest songwriters of that last 30 years. And too few people know his work. Perhaps that’s because he’s from the kiwi land (otherwise known as New Zealand). Why he is not more famous is unexplainable. Sure he’s had his brushes with fame. First with his brother Tim Finn in Split Enz and their classics “I Got You,” “One Step Ahead” and “Message to My Girl.” Watch the videos below. They’re all great songs.

Then he hit big-time fame with Crowded House. I’m sure you remember “Don’t Dream It’s Over” or “Something So Strong.” Big pop hits that nudged their way to the top of the charts. And most of Crowded House’s best work slays their hits. Songs like “Weather With You” and “Fall At Your Feet.”

Now I’m hooked on a Neil Finn song. It’s called “She Will Have Her Way” from 1998 and it won’t leave my head tonight. Something so strong about it. And this live performance in front of an enthusiastic audience makes it even stronger. This man should be much more famous.

Neil Finn sings “She Will Have Her Way” from 2007


Buy “She Will Have Her Way”
Neil Finn - Try Whistling This

Bonus songs from Neil Finn’s career

Split Enz sings “I Got You” from 1980

Split Enz sings “Message to My Girl” from 1984

Buy “I Got You” and other Split Enz hits
Split Enz - History Never Repeats - The Best of Split Enz

Crowded House sings “Weather With You”

Buy “Weather With You” and other hummable hits by Crowded House
Crowded House - Recurring Dream - The Very Best of Crowded House

Finn Brothers Sing “Weather With You”

Crowded House sings “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

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2 Responses to "She Will Have Her Way – Neil Finn"

  1. Matt Thurston says:

    Crazy coincidence. Over the past week or so I’ve listened to almost nothing but Neil Finn-related bands, especially the Together Alone album (Crowded House), and had thought about writing an Earworm with my favorite Finn songs.

    My list would have included the three songs you reference from Split Enz.

    From Crowded House I would have included a few lesser known songs like “Fingers of Love” and “She Goes On.” (IMO, the first four CH albums feature Neil Finn at his creative peak.)

    I’m a big fan of “She Will Have Her Way” too.

    From Finn Brothers I would have included maybe my favorite Neil Finn song, “Only Talking Sense,” from the 1996 self-titled Finn Brothers record.

    I actually like some of the acoustic versions of “Only Talking Sense,” but couldn’t find a good one on YouTube. The best was a live performance on Jools Holland, but you can’t really hear Tim Finn’s backing vocals which really make the song.

    And from Liam Finn (Neil’s son) I would have included his debut performance on U.S. television (on David Letterman) performing “Second Chance.” Really picks up at the 3:00 minute mark, and I love it when Liam puts down his guitar and jumps behind the drum kit. If you have not heard I’ll Be Lightning, Liam’s debut record, check it out. The apple didn’t far too far from the tree.
    (Also look for the official video to hear what the song really sounds like.)

    But I agree with your statement that Neil is “one of the greatest songwriters of that last 30 years.” He’s the Paul McCartney of Australia.

  2. Wrecks says:

    God Bless you Mike you know how I feel about Neil.

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