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Mary’s Prayer – Danny Wilson

“Mary’s Prayer” by Danny Wilson sounds like summer to our ears. It’s breezy. It’s completely innocuous. It’s like a little ball of joy wrapped up in a three-and-a-half-minute pop song. It’s hard to imagine Robert Smith of The Cure or Depeche Mode starting one of their songs with these four lines:
Everything is wonderful
Being here is heavenly
Every single day, she says
Everything is free

So where did this little joyous gem come from? Scotland, of course. Some of the happiest songs we’ve ever heard come from that country of 5 million people, which has always struck us as a bit curious since it rains a lot in Scotland and the summer temperature rarely gets higher than 65 to 70 degrees. If anyone has an excuse to be depressed, it’s Scotlanders. But they strike us as generally happy lads. Check out a few of these bands:

Danny’s Wilson captured that Scottish joyous zeitgeist and bottled it up for their one breakthrough hit, “Mary’s Prayer.” A song so happy it was released twice before it became a hit. But once it became a hit in 1987, it became a long-lasting hit and was even featured in a key scene in the classic comedy There’s Something About Mary . When you land a song in a movie that is widely considered one of the greatest comedies of all time, your life has been well spent.

Although Danny Wilson broke up in 1991 their happy little song lives on. Danny, we thank you.

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  1. the peptides says:

    a cover of mary’s prayer!

  2. Michael Waterman says:

    Very dark interpretation of this peppy song. Interesting, cool and unexpected. Nice work.

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