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Just for Now – Imogen Heap

Editor’s note: Imogen Heap is not a one-hit wonder. In fact, she has never charted. But she has amazing talent.

Performing as a solo artist is unique talent very few artists can perfect. Bob Dylan and James Taylor, yes. Axl Rose and The Polyphonic Spree, not so much.

Imogen Heap is a uniquely talented artist who writes and plays entire records and shows by herself. Sometimes her work is stunning. Other times…a bit weak. But when she nails a performance, it’s breathtaking.

Take this solo performance of “Just for Now” from her Grammy-nominated solo debut from 2006 titled “Speak for Yourselficon.”

One microphone.
One mixing board.
One sampler.
One supremely talented artist.

I’ve watched this video about 20 times over the past two years and it still amazes me. Watch it now. Then check out and buy the studio version from the album. Artists like Imogen Heap deserve your support.

Watch Imogen Heap perform “Just for Now”

Just for NowBuy “Just for Nowicon” from iTunes

Hear the studio version of “Just for Now”

Just for Now - Imogen Heap

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  1. Anthony Darling says:

    Impressive…not sure what else I can say.

  2. John Poulter says:

    Nice. I hadn’t heard her before.

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