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Author Topic: оптимизация сайтов
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Post оптимизация сайтов
on: February 25, 2017, 19:37

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4 Responses to "Forum"

  1. Lidia Vargas says:

    I would like a list of the 1 hit wonder from this time.

  2. Carla says:

    Hi my name is Carla I have been looking for a gospel song for years since hearing it on Yolanda Adams’ morning show, some of the lyrics, Wo Oh, I gotta get better, I wanna sue the world, It sound like a classic gospel gold song from either the 1960’s maybe 1970’s, I searched google nothing close =with who i thought maybe Clara Ward, Harmonettes, I searched many, still no answer. In the background sounds like a gospel choir of children, I am unsure if it is by a man or woman, I know no other lyrics, some one please help me find who sings this and a song title.

    God bless you all.



  3. John K. Walker says:

    To my ears, the best true one-hit (Top 40) wonder will always be Bullet with “White Lies, Blue Eyes.” This track (available in true stereo from RHINO’s Have a Nice Day / Hits of the 1970’s series; can also be heard on YOUTUBE) is as wonderful as Badfinger’s great pop-rock hits (“Baby Blue,” “Day After Day,” “No Matter What”), and also features a proto-Brian May/Queen guitar solo. For years there was misinformation (such as in the Whitburn chart books) that that this group was an offshoot of the UK progressive band Atomic Rooster (they did use the same name), but this has since been corrected by the (NY-based) band members themselves.

  4. Michael Waterman says:

    Great song, John Walker. Pure pop hooks from 1971. Here is some background on the song:

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