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Dream Come True – Brand New Heavies

Going back to 1992 for this one. Brand New Heavies are a rarely known, little loved and largely forgotten band from England’s late 1980s Acid Jazz scene. Acid Jazz is a type of music? Indeed it is. And Brand New Heavies were one of England’s shining lights for a short time.

“Dream Come True” was originally recorded and released in 1990. It’s a peppy little song with funky, disco- and funk-influenced chords that you’ll pretty much forget immediately after you listen to it. Check it out below for confirmation. However, the video is a charmer as it transports you back to “fly” 1990s hairstyles and fashion

The song that’s in my head tonight is the much-improved live version of “Dream Come True” from 1992. Once again it’s the beautiful and soulful N’Dea Davenport singing lead before an enthusiastic audience of adoring Brits. The song is at least 100 times better than the original.

It’s a perfect example of why a great live band is a real treasure. Sadly, there are few bands these days that really push their songs in new directions to discover the real jewel of the tune. Brand New Heavies put “Dream Come True” to bed and read it a story with this version.

You can find it on their collection, Trunk Funk – The Best of The Brand New Heavies. It’s an enjoyable record that is worth buying for this song and the album title alone.

Buy “Dream Come True” by Brand New Heavies
The Brand New Heavies - Trunk Funk Classics 1991-2000 - Dream Come True '92

Brand New Heavies are still playing shows around the world. If they come to your neighborhood, look them up. I’m certain the show is worth your time and money.

Watch video of the live version of “Dream Come True”

Watch the original studio version of “Dream Come True”

“Dream Come True” lyrics by Brand New Heavies


There will never be a time
when I’m true to you Yeah
You, you’re always on my mind
Tell me what can I do
I’ve been in a strained of affaires
Til I met you
You, you’re always on my mind
Tell me what can I do

Is it a dream come true
Above a love I once new
Was it all in my mind
I feel I dream on the time

You don’t have to prove your love
Cause it’s plain to see
And life, life is a mystery
Until you came to me
And we’ll have high hopes
But if it don’t work out
We won’t need this may
Cause love got in force
And it will remain

Is it a dream come true…

Oh-ho-e yeah



If this love I feel
In this whole so real
In my dreams you
that treat me so right

A dream come true…

A dream come true…



Oh-oh-yeah-yeah (x6)

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