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White Horse – Laid Back

Heroin or equine? That is the question.

Is a “white horse” a slang phrase for drug use or ride in the country.

Some dance one-hit wonders say absolutely nothing. Well, nothing that means a whole lot. Take “White Horse” by Laid Back from 1983:

If you wanna ride
Don´t ride the white horse
If you wanna ride
Don´t ride the white horse
White horse
Don´t ride the white horse
White horse
Don´t ride the white horse.

Is that a haiku? Brilliant prose? Nope, just some really simple lyrics set to a great hook, bass line and electronic beat that made kids in the 1980s want to dance all night long (and possibly shoot heroin, if you believe they’re talking about heroin and not actual equines, which are horses for the less erudite among us).

As for us, we figure the boys in Laid Back are equestrian riders from Denmark who galloped into the Billboard Hot 100 with their only top 40 hit, “White Horse,” that reached #26 in 1983.

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One Response to "White Horse – Laid Back"

  1. evgeny says:

    Only in the USA.
    In the rest of the World the A-side (“Sunshine reggae”) was the big hit.
    I guess because we use(d) less drugs?
    Or cared more for the music?
    “Bakerman” was another one, which was annoying as the “White Horse” so equally didn’t climb much in Europe.

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