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» 1980s » Take Your Time (Do It Right) – The SOS Band

Take Your Time (Do It Right) – The SOS Band

SOS by the SOS Band featured Take Your Time Do It Right, a 1980s disco one-hit wonderIs “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” by The SOS Band the last great disco one-hit wonder?

I would argue it’s a natural bridge between late 1970s disco and early 1980s funk/r&b hits. The funky and distinctive analog synthesizer sounds of early ’80s funk in the mix peg it as a funk tune in the tradition of bands like The Gap Band and Cameo. But the guitar work, background vocals and orchestral bells peg this song as a disco classic.

So take your pick and call it a disco one-hit wonder or a funk one-hit wonder. I’m good either way.

So is The S.O.S. Band who watched “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” hit #3 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1980 and transform the band into a one-hit wonder.

Making music and records was nothing new to the S.O.S. Band who formed in 1977 and recorded music through 1991 for Tabu Records. Although they released some great records along the way, only their 1980 debut titled S.O.S. reached #12 on the Billboard Album Charts.

Listen to Take Your Time (Do It Right) by The SOS Band

Disco was just days away from its ignominious death in 1980 and though the band soldiered onward in a more R&B-oriented style, even collaborating with New-Jack and Hip-Hop producing Godfathers, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, their time in the spotlight ended nearly as fast as it started.

But “Take Your Time (Do It Right)” is a great legacy to leave to disco dancers worldwide.

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