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» 1970s » Theme from Summer of ’42 – Peter Nero

Theme from Summer of ’42 – Peter Nero

Another theme from another 1970s movie. Ah, the 1970s were a good time to be a piano-playing guru who could bust out the gentle sounds from the latest movies and rake in the dough.

Peter Nero is a terriffic pianist. We have big admiration for the guy. We also like the “Theme from Summer of ’42” quite a bit. It’s gentle. It’s dramatic. It has a killer hook. And it absolutely sounds like it belongs in an early 1970s movie. Perhaps during a wistful scene as two lovers realize they must part, for a short time, to be reunited at the end.

The “Theme from Summer of ’42” reached #21 on the Billboard Top 40 in late 1971 and turned Peter Nero into a true 1970s one-hit wonder. If we have to choose a favorite piano-driven song and our choices are the “Theme from Summer of ’42” by Peter Nero, the “Airport Love Theme” by Vincent Bell or “Love Theme from St. Elmo’s Fire” by David Foster, we’ll go with St. Elmo’s Fire. Perhaps it’s because we’re children of the 1980s. But it’s a close call. The one thing we do know is that “Airport Love Theme” is clearly at the tail end of our preferences.

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Listen to the Theme from Summer of ’42 by Peter Nero

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  2. Mario Andre Dias Pacheco says:

    The theme from Summer of ’42 (Un été 42) was written and often played by Michel Legrand, French composer, songwriter and conductor. I’m surprised some American named Peter Nero took the fame for himself as being the name associated with the song in the US.

    Here the song, played by Legrand and sung by Elis Regina.

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