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» 1970s » I’m Easy – Keith Carradine

I’m Easy – Keith Carradine

I'm Easy by Keith Carradine feautures the Academy Award-winning song "I'm Easy"Academy Award-winning one-hit wonders are fairly rare. A look of Oscar-winning songs reveals the Academy clearly favors proven, conservative choices.

But a few one-hit wonder pop songs have been either nominated or awarded the Academy Award for Best Original Song, including:

Add today’s entry by Keith Carradine to that list.

Carradine’s song, “I’m Easy” reached #17 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1976 making Keith Carradine a one-hit wonder. The song was featured in the Oscar-nominated Robert Altman film, Nashville, a movie that was nominated for a slew of Golden Globe and Academy Awards in 1975, but didn’t win any (besides Best Original Song).

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“I’m Easy” is about as easy listening of song as you’ll ever hear. Keith’s voice. An acoustic guitar. That’s it.

It’s the kind of song that would rarely get airplay today but perfectly represented the 1970s singer-songwriter movement that also included James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn, J.D. Souther with “You’re Only Lonely”, Dave Loggins with “Please Come to Boston” and hundreds of others sensitive guys with guitars.

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Keith Carradine is part of the Carradine acting dynasty that also included David Carradine (Kung Fu, Kill Bill), Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds). Keith Carradine is also the father of Martha Plimpton, an actress and cousin of famed writer George Plimpton. Some serious connections here, folks.

Carradine never again hit the Billboard Top 40, but enjoyed a brief musical career. But unlike most of his one-hit wonder peers celebrated here at, he’s one of the very few to ever win an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award in the same year.

He made it seem so easy.

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