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» 1970s » Disco Lucy ( I Love Lucy Theme ) – Wilton Place Street Band

Disco Lucy ( I Love Lucy Theme ) – Wilton Place Street Band

Some songs are so bad they’re good. Others are simply bad. Really bad. Like this-song-has-no-redeeming-quality-so-why-did-it-ever-get-recorded bad.

“Disco Lucy ( I Love Lucy Theme )” by the Wilton Place Street Band is one of those rare songs that is simply awful.

Listen to it now (I’ll wait for you to return….)

Still waiting….

Awful, right? A horrible, disco mess that does the theme from the TV classic I Love Lucy a grand disservice. It’s a novelty song with no novel reason to exist.

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“Disco Lucy” is a perfect example of the worst excesses of disco. You hear this song and you can easily understand why disco suffered a vicious, malicious death by late 1979. For nearly three years it was the toast of the town (especially big cities and places like Studio 54 in NYC).

But it fast became generic music with the whaka-whaka guitar parts, bouncing bass, four-on-the-floor beat, cheesy string backgrounds and awful “hoo-hoo” background singers.

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Disco deserved to die. At least disco that sounds like “Disco Lucy.” Amazingly, this heaping pile of repurposed disco grooves became a novelty hit and reached #24 on the Billboard Top 40 in 1977. Yes, that’s the same year Saturday Night Fever was released and brilliant Bees Gees disco hits filled the airwaves. But that’s no excuse.

The Wilton Place Street Band was a one-time studio creation, created solely to record “Disco Lucy.” I would be shocked if any of the studio musicians include “Disco Lucy” on their greatest hits list.

But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps I’m too critical. Maybe what the world really needs are more disco versions of TV show themes. Maybe.

But probably not. At the very least, we can include it in our list of instrumental one-hit wonders. For that, Wilton Place Street Band, we thank you.

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Listen to Disco Lucy ( I Love Lucy Theme )

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4 Responses to "Disco Lucy ( I Love Lucy Theme ) – Wilton Place Street Band"

  1. lost but not forgotten.i found you i am a young man again.Thank you.

  2. Disco Babalu says:

    Dance Dance Disco Lucy! Wow. And you’re done at 1:58 … and it keeps going for three more minutes.

  3. RW says:

    The song is just pure inoffensive fun. Lucy heard it once during a visit to Studio 54 and just loved it. That’s, to me, speaks volumes. Pretty nice homage, actually.

    The video on the other hand just bites. Did they only have 5 ILL episodes to splice from?

  4. Krystuffer says:

    yes, a sacrilege, but not for the obvious reason.
    it’s a heresy because I Love Lucy is hands-down the most overrated (and least accurately titled) enterprise in the history of television if not storytelling itself!! the unpardonable sin here is that it reminded people of a textbook Better Off Forgotten.
    why can’t this obnoxious train wreck of a series be derailed already?

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